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Save the giraffes Gift Set

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Sophie la girafe introduces a NEW gift set to help a cause which is very special.

Over the past 30 years giraffe numbers have declined by over 30%, to prevent this endangered species becoming extinct Sophie la girafe has created a special gift set comprising of a Sophie la girafe teether and keyring and for every set purchased we will donate €1 to help finance the translocation program led by GCF - Giraffe Conservation Foundation 

Who better than Sophie to fight and communicate against the SILENT EXTINCTION OF GIRAFFES?

•    An international science-based conservation organisation that provides innovative approaches to save giraffe in the wild.

•    Created in 2009 by Julian Fennessy, a graduate and passionate researcher and joined by his partner Stephanie Fennessy to protect and bring giraffes to safety.

•    Based in Namibia and working in 16 countries in Africa

•    Their actions in the field are based on scientific research and concrete actions in favour of giraffes.

•    Types of actions carried out: translocation, reintegration operations, anti-poaching units, GPS trackers, education, etc.


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